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‘Hats’ off to a great clothing drive

FFA hosted a Christmas Clothes Drive at SCHS from December 3 to the 18 to help the younger students in need. On the 18, there was a special collection night at the boys basketball varsity game.

Students were able to bring any winter clothing, new or gently used, ranging from hats and gloves to coats and snow pants. There was a collection bin under the Christmas tree in the commons of the high school.

Senior Eli Magee, chairperson for the drive, wanted to help because he realized that there was a  need for proper winter clothes for the younger students in our district.

“I wanted to help the kids in the community and give back. Some of us don’t have to worry about that,” Magee said.

There are students that do not have money for winter coats or winter clothing of any kind, and Magee addressed the fact that some students at the high school may not realize that our town of Shawano has that great of a need.

“We tried to get the word out and show that there is a need that some may not know,” Magee said.

FFA used to do a teddy bear toss, but they replaced that with the clothing drive. They felt that there was a greater need for warm winter clothes for the children than handing out teddy bears.  

“I knew there was a need in the community, and I took it as my project,” Magee stated.

For his ‘project’, there was a lot to be done and a lot of people to talk to in order for the clothes drive to happen.

“We had to contact the counselors at Olga Brener and Hillcrest, find out what was needed, get posters handed out and talk to the principal and activities director because of the game,” Magee explained.

Though Magee was the one who was in charge of getting the drive set up, he had a lot of help from students in FFA.

“Some helped pass out posters, make posters and decorate the box [where students bring their donations],” Magee said.

Not only did students get involved, but the staff at Hillcrest and the high school were willing to do whatever they could.

“The counselors are very willing to help,” Magee said. “One Hillcrest counselor was willing to help at the game and voiced the need for this.”

FFA is not only involved with farming and agriculture, but they are also trying to make leaders. One of the ways to make someone a better person and better leader is through helping the community.

“We have made tie blankets for homes, [helped] with Red Out [basketball game at which students wear red to support the American Heart Association] and we do a lot more,” Magee said.

This winter clothing drive was able to help a lot of children enjoy the winter fun, and we hope you get out and have some fun too!