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NHS is merry and “bright”

For the first time this school year, Shawano Community High School’s branch of the National Honor Society decided to get together on December 13 and create holiday cards for those living at the nursing homes in the community.

NHS, which is lead by Mrs. Sienna Eimmerman, has done community based events in the past, however, this year is their first time crafting gifts all by themselves.

“The students decided, in our first full blown meeting together, that they wanted to create Christmas cards and send them to veterans or the local nursing homes, and decided on nursing homes. Sixteen students came in during Enhancement, and they made thirty six cards. They wrote inspired holiday messages to help with people’s spirits over the holidays down at the nursing homes,” Mrs. Eimmerman explained.

Mrs. Eimmerman preferred to let the students come up with ideas to give back to the community. She wanted them to feel inspired by the limitless opportunities to spread a positive message.

Juniors Georgia Eggert and Lydia Dobberstein
Photo Credit: Autumn Vanderlinden

“I want the students to do something that their hearts are into because then there is typically more turn out. I want them to find what they feel is a need in the community and do something that they are passionate about,” Mrs. Eimmerman explained.

Senior Adam Piantek, who has just been inducted into NHS this year, was eager to give back to people he does not see every day at school. By making the Christmas cards, he was glad to put something of his into the hands of people who may not have the same attention and happiness as others during the holiday season.

“I want them to know that they are still part of the community and are not forgotten,” Piantek explained.

The holiday cards were the first big project he was involved in planning. However, he has hopes for future opportunities.

“A big idea we have is starting a 5k that we do with a different cause each year,” Piantek shared.

He is grateful to have the chance to create new traditions and ways to benefit those in Shawano by being involved in NHS.

“I like that it forces us to be with the community, because obviously I want to, but I don’t always have time to get out there,” Piantek said.

Junior Katelyn Laatsch
Photo Credit: Autumn Vanderlinden

Two-year member of NHS, senior Kori Halstead, shared similar feelings when it came to giving back to the community. She was no stranger to partaking in activities that show the community it is cared for.

“In the past we have done food drives for Safe Park, we volunteer for music festivals and partner with Tri-M [the music honor society] to do different events,” Halstead said.

Halstead has been volunteering at her church as well, playing music or working events as they come up. As far as the Christmas card activity, she was glad to be able to elicit different emotions in people she has never met before, just by writing them cheerful holiday notes.

“I just really hope they get what they need out of the cards, whether that be hope or happiness,” Halstead concluded.