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Ringing for a reason this holiday season

Bell ringing is an event put on by the Salvation Army that takes place at stores all across the country and all proceeds go to the organization. The Salvation Army uses the money to provide things like hot meals, clothing and other necessities to families in need all year round. This year, clubs at Shawano Community High School helped ring.
Clubs that took part in bell ringing this year were the Spanish Club, FFA, Science Society and The Fellowship of Christian Students. They rang at stores like Walmart, Qualheim’s True Value, and Charlie’s County Market.

Sophomore Dominick Blake (photo courtesy of Baylie Hansen)

“I have been here for two years and so far we did it both years. It is also something that the club has done many times in the past,” said Spanish Club Advisor, Mrs. Waleska Russ.
The club members enjoyed the bell ringing and did it for more than just something to do on the weekend.
“Not only did we do it for a good cause,” said junior member of FFA, Alana Krolow. “But we we’re also doing it for a good cause.”
The Spanish Club a

dvisors keep this event going every year by presenting the idea to students, and members of the club

really enjoy the project.
“All the members enjoy doing projects for the community, they just don’t know which specific ones to do and this is one that we do every year,” said Mrs. Russ.
Ringing helped the students and members give back to the community and gave them a reason to get involved with people outside of school.
“It is really fun to interact with members of the community, and actually getting to talk to the people is also a really fun part,” stated Krolow.

The Spanish Club does not only take part in activities throughout the community, but advisors also do other things to help keep members involved.
“We celebrate Day Of The Dead, we have had a dodgeball tournament, and for Christmas we are having a fiesta and eating chips and salsa,” said Mrs. Russ.
FFA has also done other things to help students get involved within the community other than just ringing during the holiday season.
“We have done food drives and we also went to nursing homes to sing Christmas carols, just to interact with the people at the home,” said Krolow.
The bell ringing raises a lot of money all across the country to help families in need, but this year it brought more to the hearts of the club members.
“It really makes me feel good to know that we helped raise money for families who need it,” stated Krolow. “And knowing that we contributed and gave them one less thing to worry about through tough times makes us feel good.”
The clubs gave back to the community this year, and helped ring the bells at many local stores. Both clubs hope to be able to keep giving during this holiday season.