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Shawano High students go to France

Shawano High French students are planning to go to France from April 17 to 25. The departure is still far from now, but the trip is already planned, and it is going to be really intense.

The students will land in Paris on April 28 with other groups of students from all states. They will take a tour of some of the most famous attractions with an expert local guide.

Mrs. Michelle Oesterreich, French teacher, explained that the trip is going to be focused on Paris because it is the capital city, and “because it’s many students’ dream.”

The students are going to pay for most of the costs, but the French Club collected funds this summer by selling crepes and throughout the school year selling candies.

“We have been working hard fundraising selling chocolate,” Mrs. Oesterreich confirmed.

Senior Sierra Carpenter is one of the seven students who are going to Paris. Travelling to a country where there is a different spoken language is not easy, and it can create concerns.

“I’m afraid that I’m gonna mess up with the language, and I’m gonna accidentally say something rude,” Carpenter stated.

The trip includes four days in Paris. The students are going to visit the most famous places, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum, also Notre-Dame, Champs Élysées and Versailles.

They are also going to taste authentic and delicious French food.

As Carpenter explained, between all the exciting aspects there is also leaving the country, “I have never travelled to another state.”

After Paris, some of the stops are the Loire Valley with all the magnificent castles, and the monastery of Mont St. Michel, situated on an island in Normandy, which will be a great end for the trip.

Travelling is enlightening. It helps to improve the language, but it is also educational and fundamental to shape open-minded people. Despite the many rewards, it can be limiting because of the several costs.

“My aunt decided to pay for it because it’s something I could never do otherwise, so she is giving me the opportunity,” Carpenter commented.

Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Shawano High French students are looking forward to an amusing and life-changing experience.