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Student spotlight: Tristian Butler

New to the school, junior Tristian Butler came all the way from Hawaii before starting at Shawano Community High School and moving to Wisconsin. This has been a big change since the two states are very different.

“Hawaii is really nice and warm, so when I first came here, I was really scared that no one would accept me because I was from somewhere else, and I would probably freeze to death,” explained Butler.

Her move was not quite as she feared. She likes SCHS, Shawano and even some parts of the unexpected cold.

“[My favorite part has been] meeting a lot of new people and a lot of new personalities, and the snow. Snow is a lot of fun, not ice, but snow,” she said.

In her free time she loves to read and write poetry. She describes her poetry as uplifting and positive. Positivity is very important for Butler. This is also the reason that she wants to continue her positive attitude throughout her life.

“My biggest goal in life to leave a positive imprint on other people. To show other people that it is okay to have bad things happen to you. There is always gonna be negative things happening to you, but I really want to leave that positive imprint that you don’t have to stay in that negative area,” Butler said.

Butler has a special interest in languages and also speaks a few languages herself, such as Japanese. Butler hopes to get the opportunity to work with languages in the future.

“I want to become a translator, so I see myself as translator and a doctor in ten years,” Butler said.

Coming to a new school can be terrifying, not only because of the new teachers, but mostly the students. This was for sure for Butler. However, she had a really positive experience when she first met the students at SCHS.

“ I was really scared that they would be really self centered, but that actually is not true. Many students here are selfless, so they would really help other people before themselves. When I first got here, I didn’t know what was going on, so they actually held my hand, like a five year old, and showed me around and helped me meet some people,” Butler explained.

Her positive attitude does not purely come from herself. She has also been affected by her mom and grandfather who have been big inspirations for her.

“My mom, she’s just really outgoing and she always has a happy face on. She’s always really positive. No matter what happens, she’s always showing the bright side of it.“

She went on also talking about her grandfather, saying, “My grandfather, he is a veteran and he is also very positive. He’s a really big role model of my life. He always shows me that if you fall and hurt yourself, you learn from it. He has shown me that there is no reason to be negative; being negative makes everything worse.”

As a junior, Butler has a few years of high school behind her. Therefore, she has some survival tips for the new freshmen.

“ Don’t be cocky. Starting high school doesn’t mean that you are big and bad. Just know who you are, and know who is around you. I think that is the main thing is, show respect and respect will be given back.”

Studying is also a big change from middle- to high school. Luckily Butler had a few studying tips as well.

“Repetition. I would say hearing it, writing it and saying it. Those are my few things that really work for studying,“ Butler added.