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Wrestling up victories

The past few weeks have been very successful for the wrestling team of Shawano High. The team as a whole, as well individual members, have had impressive matches with great results. Though there were some injuries and setbacks, they are working on coming back stronger.

The team has been having outstanding meets, like their dual against Green Bay United on Thursday, December 13.

“It was my best match of the season so far. I ended up winning against a pretty tough kid at the weight class of 170,” senior Crede Timm stated.

The dual against GBU had interesting and exciting matches for participants and spectators alike. Sophomore Wyatt Brandt pinned his opponent in just 24 seconds in his weight class of 113.

“We took home a 56-21 victory, and as a team, it felt good,” Timm stated.

Timm’s personal goal for the season is to make it to state. To achieve this goal, he has to work hard.

Senior Crede Timm wrestling at the Holiday Classic

“As a team, we all have to come together during practice in order to get better as individuals,” Timm explained. “Working hard and putting in the work with my team will help me make it to state.”

Another member of the team has a goal of making it to state. That wrestler is junior Keith Tourtillott. December 15 was the Holiday Classic in which he wrestled in the weight class of 220.

“I went into my final match against Jacob Giese from Bonduel knowing it was going to be close. I knew it was going to be tough and accepted the fact that it was going to be the hardest match of my life,” Tourtillott explained.

He went into the Holiday Classic with an undefeated record and came out of the Holiday Classic with an undefeated record.

“I am glad I won, but I am not satisfied. I know there are other tougher opponents out there, and I need to prepare,” Tourtilott went on to say.

The team has been dealing with the setback of a handful of injuries. One of these injuries being a broken wrist that sophomore Reef Anthony received on the second day of practice.

“I broke my hand while wrestling early in the season, but it is time for my comeback,” Anthony said.

He has been putting in extra work in order to make up for the time he missed while out with the arm injury.

“To make up for the time I lost I will have to give more than 100% in practice,” he said. “I have been staying in condition by running and practicing with our wall dummy, Adam.”

Anthony’s upcoming, and first match since the injury, will be this Thursday against West De Pere.

“My goal is to go out there and wrestle the best I can in order to get points for the team,” he stated. “It is the most important dual of the year.”

The team has worked hard so far and plans on continuing to work even harder to stay on the path of success they are currently on.