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A day in the life of Mr. Zwirschitz

Every part of SCHS needs dedicated employees to make the school successful, and with that also means having a strong staff and good leadership.

Principal Scott Zwirschitz maintains and leads many students and staff every school year.

For  Mr. Zwirschitz, the day starts off by waking up by 5:30 and being to school by 7:30.

“When I get to school I normally stand in the commons and say good morning to the students,” Mr. Zwirschitz said. “Most students get up, and their parents are already at work, so we are some of the first people to talk to the students in the morning.”

Growing up, Mr. Zwirschitz wanted to be an athletic trainer. The hours for the college classes did not fit well with his schedule, so he decided he would go to school for something else that would still allow him to work with students.

Mr. Zwirschitz has many good memories and experiences working at SCHS, but some days are harder than others.

“I think the hardest part of my job is disciplining students,” Mr. Zwirschitz stated.

Though he is the principal, dealing with discipline is not a great part of the job. He would much rather make decisions and keep his students safe and successful.

Some days can also be more demanding than others. From setting up and attending meetings, to planning activities and even disciplining students, Mr. Zwirschitz has a full schedule.

“I also talk with the counselors about some of the things they would like me to know about students,” Mr. Zwirschitz explained.

From Tech Ed to Law, there are classes for everyone attending SCHS. That is one of Mr. Zwirschitz’s favorite parts about Shawano High: the fact that each student generally has a wide range of classes and opportunities that they are interested in.

“One of the good things about [SCHS] is the diversity of classes,” Mr. Zwirschitz stated. “There are classes for everyone.”

Throughout the year, the winter season seems to be the busiest, from preparing for finals to Aspire testing, to ACT Prep,  Mr. Zwirschitz does it all.

“I do a lot of the work for the testing,” Mr. Zwirschitz stated, “but I have teachers assigned to help prepare and be in the classrooms.”  

But at the end of the day, when students are interested in what they are doing, it is one of the best feelings and experiences to witness.

“I used to plan [activities] with students, and when they are excited about something, you can see the passion they have for their work.” Mr. Zwirchitz added.

At the end of the day, Mr. Zwirschitz puts almost all of his energy and effort into making this school as great as it can be and making the students as successful as possible. With a full staff of people willing to improve the lives of others, it helps Mr. Zwirschitz improve not only his life at work, but also the lives students he spends everyday with.