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January Creative Writing – Collegiate Personality


Collegiate Personality

At times
I picture the mornings
very vividly, as I know how
they will unfold,
when the time does come.
An iced coffee,
bag of textbooks,
sheets upon sheets of loose-leaf,
and, if truth be told,
my nose to the sun.
Bagels, donuts,
the beginnings of the fifteen.
But I’ll allow it,
because it means I’ve made it.

Right where I want to be.
My lips will be painted,
because I’m changing it.
Abandoning the strict set of rules
the stressful nights of tears and
burning skin,
holding things in,
running thin.
I’ll keep my ethic,
discard the frustration.

Together we will learn,

enveloped in wisdom and culture.
Embrace the hectic,
let the city rid hesitation.
Somehow I know who she is,
and who she will be.
But she is a stranger,
this future me.