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Middle School Outreach – January

Hello everyone!  This is the last letter until next semester.  I’m going to do something a little different this time around.  Although in middle school you don’t have finals yet, the time goes by quickly, until you do!  So I’m going to give you a few tips to help you prepare.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate: When you are given resources to study, start right away!  It is always better to start preparing too early, rather than too late.  
  2. Gather as many materials as possible:  If you are still unsure about some concepts, ask your teacher for extra practice.  This could mean a study guide, practice problems, and even videos.
  3. Ask your teacher:  Teachers are great resources when you’re struggling.  You can ask teachers for help when you don’t understand the material or if you need to figure out what you need to do to get your grade where you want it to be.  
  4. Study: Review your notes a little bit every night and go from there.  That way you don’t have to cram all of your learning into the night before your test.
  5. Take care of yourself:  Remember to get a good night’s sleep before all of your tests.  Eat a nutritious breakfast before. Make sure that you are drinking enough water so you can perform at your peak!

Good luck on all of your tests, and enjoy the beginning of the new semester.  Keep submitting questions to student services and look out for more letters!