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Teacher feature: Mrs. Wilkinson

Mrs. Wilkinson

Mrs. Wilkinson has been an English teacher at SCHS for 8 years. She teaches English 9, English 10, Contemporary Writing and a semester of English Comp.

Why did you decide to teach?

“I love Shakespeare and I love commas, and I thought I might as well use that to my advantage. It kind of seemed to fit.”

What is your favorite part about being a teacher at SCHS?

“My favorite part is just enjoying the people I work with and getting to be with the kids every day. Ninety percent of the time I love my job, ten percent ehh, but ninety percent of the time I love coming to my job.”

What is your favorite song/band?

“I listen to a lot of different music from a lot of different genres. If I had to pick, my all time favorite would be ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice.”

What is your favorite childhood memory?

“My favorite childhood memory is just Christmas time with my family and seeing everyone, being with everyone and my whole family being together. Now we’re kind of all spread out across the United States, and, back then, we were just all together.”

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

“Cleaning and being able to hang out with my kids.”