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Teamwork makes the dream work

Shawano Boys Basketball has had an exciting 2018-2019 season thus far, filled with many ups and downs. Though the team has a losing record of 4-6, they have learned a lot of things about teamwork, and each player has improved individually.
The varsity team’s recent game versus Xavier High resulted in a 48-76 loss on January 7. As a whole, the team worked hard throughout the whole game.
“[The night of the Xavier game] our effort was good. As a team, we need to clean up some things on the offensive and defensive end,” said freshman Elliott Lowney.
Against West De Pere’s team, it was a battle to the end for Shawano. The result of the game ended up being a loss for the boys in double overtime, with the end score being 63-61. One player that stood out was sophomore Joseph Mente.
“I had eleven points last night, which felt good,” Mente explained. “I thought we played a good game, and we really battled against West De Pere. But we came up short in double overtime, which really hurt.”
During the West De Pere game, the varsity team also lost their senior Nick Grignon due to a collarbone injury.
“He was driving down the lane to make a layup and got an and one, [which is a basket made and an extra free throw opportunity] but he fell and broke his collarbone coming down,” said Mente. “Grignon said he will be out for six weeks so that hurts our team a lot, obviously. He’s our senior captain.”
Losing the senior captain of the varsity team came with a few setbacks, but the team does not plan on letting that stop them.
“We know we will get him back in February, so from now until then, each of us can work on another part of our game that will help fill his role and develop the other players,’’ stated junior Karsten Anderson. “Basically, we can make ourselves better, so when he does return, we will be better than when we lost him.”
Teamwork is a huge part of Shawano basketball. The varsity team puts the word “family” on everything.
“Having four other guys on the court and knowing that they have your back helps you realize that together the team is much better than just one player,” explained Anderson.
When Shawano faced Pulaski on November 30, the players felt most like a team.
“Our team moment was Pulaski, for sure. Nick Grignon had a buzzer beater shot in overtime, winning us the game. Shawano has not beaten Pulaski for many years, and it was a big moment for our coach because he’s never beaten them,” said freshman Ethan Schwitzer. “It was hype in the locker room after.”

Freshman Ethan Schwitzer on the court (#15).

The team is looking for ways to improve their game, both individually and as a whole.
“Going forward as a team, we need to protect the ball on offense, play hard, and just trust the system,” Lowney stated.
As the season progresses, so do the players’ opportunities to learn and work hard.
“My personal goal is to improve as an offensive player. Be more of an offensive threat,” said Schwitzer.
The varsity team’s goal is to attend sectional finals at the end of the season.
“We want to go to the sectional finals. Wausau East, March 9th, 3 o’clock,” said Mente. “I know that because Coach Dave says it to us in practice every day.”
Good luck on the rest of the season, boys!