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Department meet and greet

As the new semester begins with new classes at Shawano Community High School, students  wonder what the classes and teachers of different departments are like. The four teachers who teach the classes such as auto, shop, welding and web design are in a certain department in the school.

The four teachers that are in the Tech Ed department are Mr. Greg Brown, Mr. Jeremy Hodkiewicz, Mr. Jason Eggert and Mrs. Stacey Homan. For all of the new students that do not know where they are, all of their classes will be found down the hall by the art and music classes.

Mr. Hodkiewicz

Mr. Jeremy Hodkiewicz, who is the auto class teacher, explained, “This is my sixteenth year as a teacher, but it is my eleventh year at Shawano. I teach all auto classes Auto I, Auto II and Small Gas Engines. I went to school to be a Diesel Tech, and I worked on big trucks for five years. Then, I went back to school to be a teacher, and I wanted to work in automotive areas.”

These classes are important for everyone to take because everyone should know how to take care of their cars, know what to do in a shop and how to communicate with the employees.

After asking Mr. Hodkiewicz what he will be doing after teaching, he explained, “My wife wants to travel, but I haven’t decided since it’s a long ways away. If I do teach all the way through to retirement then at some point in time get out of teaching and go back to the industry in some way, shape or form.”

Continuing onto the other teachers in this department, Mr. Jason Eggert has been teaching at Shawano High School for eight years, but he has been teaching for twelve. He teaches Welding, Manual Machining, C&C Manual Manufacturing, Electricity Electronics, Materials and Processing and Transportation Systems.

Mr. Eggert

Mr. Eggert offered insight for potential future students: “try things out even if you are not sure if it is something you might not like. Maybe you will enjoy it, and you might have the opportunity to try something you may have never learned.”

These classes offer students many different options for careers in trades fields and give them many different career opportunities.

Mr. Eggert’s favorite memory of his classes is “when students come back to visit and talk about what they are doing. About how they have a successful job, buying a house, buying a truck, getting married or having a job that relates to something that I taught them.”

Carrying on with the other teachers, Mr. Greg Brown has been a part of the staff at the SCHS for twenty-one years. He teaches the classes that consist of woodworking and construction.

Mr. Brown elaborated on his classes by stating, “My classes can have students learn skills and building traits. It also allows them to have the general knowledge of homeownership and interest development.”

Mr. Brown would love to have every student take career, tech ed, business and family and consumer classes so students can explore and develop possible career interests.

Mrs. Homan and Mr. Brown

Later on in life, Mr. Brown will “work for a builder doing odd jobs or work for a hardware store” when he retires from teaching.

The last teacher of the department is Mrs. Stacey Homan who has just started teaching this year. She teaches Engineering, Drafting, Graphic Arts, Communication Systems, Web Design, Mechanical Drafting and Architecture Drafting.

Mrs. Homan explained, “I just want them to have knowledge of what they are doing and to be able to learn the new software. I want them to learn how to be creative digitally and showing your skills and things you like that way. For example, in Web Design I would like them to do a little bit of their own blog.”

One of her favorite memories from one of her classes was when she had a group of three blow up their balloons, and in the group there was a cross country runner, a swimmer and someone who had asthma. They all decided that the one who would blow the balloons was the boy with asthma. As Mrs. Homan puts it, he took it like a champ.

After she is done teaching, Mrs. Homan would like to travel to India or Europe, while her father suggested going to Alaska or New Zealand.

As a whole department, Mr. Brown explained, “We can work out our differences easily. We all have known each other for years, and our personalities are similar to one another.”