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Middle School Outreach – February

Congratulations everyone-we made it through first semester, it was a long and tiring semester but we managed to pull through.  Go us! Now that finals are over, we all have more time to read about your burning high school questions and other stories on the Hawks Post, right?  Right! I thought a great way to bring in the new semester would be to answer all of the remaining questions from last semester and make room for all of the new questions you guys are going to submit!

Question: How many classes are there a day, and how long are they?

Response:  There are four classes a day that are 88 minutes long.  This year there is also an enhancement time that is about 30 minutes long.  This is like your homeroom.  Since there are only four classes a day, there are also odd and even days to alternate your classes.

Question:  How do you get to state for sports?

Response:  Great question.  There is not one certain way to make it to state, but the coach of a sport is a great person to ask for more information.  I’m not an expert on that, but I’m sure it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and I believe in you!

Question:  Are there breaks between classes?  Is it difficult to get around?

Response:  Yes, there are breaks between classes that are five minutes that give you time to go to the bathroom, your locker, get a drink, and get to your next class. It is not difficult to get around once you know where you are going.  I suggest walking through your class schedule on bank-to-school night to familiarize yourself!

Question:  Is there extra credit?

Response:  Extra credit is not offered at the high school, but there are different ways to better your grade.  Some of these options are test retakes or re-doing an assignment. Ask your teacher to see what you can do.

Question:  What are the best classes?

Response:   There are so many different classes offered at the high school that apply to different students with different interests.  Personally my favorite class is Non-Fiction Writers Workshop (The Newspaper) because the people in it are so cool, and the teacher is really…nice.  It’s a great way to learn about events going on in your school! My other favorite class has been Minority Studies. That class discusses current events and controversial topics in today’s society.  It definitely is an eye-opener, and it might even change your perspective on certain topics.

I hope I covered all your questions.  If not, submit your question or think of new ones.

Keep up the great work in this crazy thing called life!