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Shawano wrestling pins their way to regionals

After hours of practice, lifting and dedication, the Shawano Community High School wrestling team made their way to regionals. Regionals was held on Saturday, Feb. 9 in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Many wrestlers looked forward to their first regionals, while some were preparing to compete at their last. The team competed, and some advanced to sectionals.

Coach Michael Homan commented on how the team performed at Regionals by stating, “We didn’t wrestle our best at regionals. Regionals was a little bit of a struggle.” Coach Homan continued, “The important thing to remember about that is that we have another day. We get to wrestle at sectionals, so I’m looking forward to improvement.”

Six athletes from SCHS advanced to the sectional tournament, and the team is looking forward to how they perform and how they have developed since regionals. Junior Austin Schmidt attended regionals with the team this year and went into the competition with high expectations for how the team would perform.

“For regionals, I am most excited to see the work that the team has put in pay off against teams from outside the conference,” stated Schmidt.

Sophomore Gage Timm. Photo: Sandra Carroll

Wrestling puts a lot of pressure on the athletes participating. Struggling to make weight, trying to win in a team dual match and the stress of trying not to let your coaches or the team down makes wrestling a one of a kind sport.

“I feel like our team has performed with the mindset of getting a task done,” stated Schmidt.

As the season progressed, the team looked to improve as individuals and as a whole. SCHS wrestling made many strides this season, one of which was taking home their first ever Bay Conference Championship in wrestling.


“I think we’ve done well as a team. This is one of the most successful teams we’ve seen in Shawano Wrestling history. They’re up there with some pretty good teams,” added Coach Homan.

Although every team has struggles, the SCHS wrestling team always seems to pull it together when needed the most. They exemplify what it means to be a team.

“They’ve performed well when needed to,” said Coach Homan.

With the season winding down, the team looked at what they did this season and thought about what they can do to improve for next year.

“The best way for the team to improve is to continue putting in the work at practice. We have a really young group of guys, and we have everything that we need to complete any goal that we set for ourselves,” Schmidt commented.

Coach Homan, however, had different ideas on the team’s improvement. He talked about how the team can continue to grow by stating, “I think that the biggest things that we can improve on is that we need to look at some of the biggest competition out there, and we need to raise our level again.”

SCHS wishes the best of luck to the six athletes competing at Sectionals and can’t wait to see what next season brings for the team.