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Athlete of the Month: Johnathan Dillenburg

Johnathan Dillenburg wrapped up his junior year of hockey with 25 goals and 15 assists in 19 games. Dillenburg has grown up playing hockey for ten years and plans to continue it for the rest of high school.

Dillenburg described his love for the game by stating, “I love hockey, I have become very successful with it, and I enjoy being around all of the people such as my teammates, parents and coaches. Two former coaches, Tony Steffen, and Greg Wittman have been the biggest inspirations in my time playing hockey. They have pushed me to become the athlete I am today.”

Not only has Dillenburg been playing hockey, but he has been a ref for three years now and is a level two referee. Knowing the game inside and out is what additionally led Dillenburg to success.

“I have coached my younger brother Michael and his team for a couple of years now, and I’ve gotten the privilege to have worked with about 30 or so kids. I know all of them and their families and go with the team to games and tournaments. I am a lively presence on the bench and I know I’m like a brother to them as we’ve all grown close over the years being around one another,” stated Dillenburg.

Before every game, Dillenburg listened to music and got a routine pep talk from his assistant coach Alex Smith. Now that the season is over there is time for preparation and reminiscing on the memories.

Johnathan Dillenburg during a game. Photograph courtesy of Danielle Dillenburg.

Dillenburg commented, “I miss hockey and would play it all day every day if I could, especially with the teammates I’ve gotten to play with for so long like Ryan Weganke of Clintonville. However, I don’t plan on playing in the future, but the game will never leave my life, and I will probably end up coaching teams of my own on how to compete at the highest level.”

Dillenburg mentioned that he had to work on more body contact and to add a little more speed for next year. In reality, discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, and that is what Dillenburg believes.

“No matter what skill level you are at currently there is always something to improve in your game. You don’t have to have the skill of Wayne Gretzky [Hockey player and NHL Hall of Famer]. However, your positioning on the ice is the most curtail part of your game; it will decide how far you go in this sport,” stated Dillenburg.

Johnathan Dillenburg (number 10) taking the puck. Photograph courtesy of Danielle Dillenburg.