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Formal dress sale has a sequel

On February 23 the Shawano High School cheer team hosted another prom and formal dress sale. The sale was held in the SCHS library from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. The first dress sale was on February 1, during which we raised money for cheer expenses.

My favorite part of the dress sale was meeting new people and working with my team.

Sophomore Maddie Easter helped with the dress sale and described the outcome stating, “It was a better turnout as the prices were really affordable, and there were all different kinds of dresses there. We were able to get more word out this time compared to last time, so the sale went really well the second time around! We were able to sell a lot of dresses.”

The team was raising money for expenses such as new uniforms, competitions and paying for music mixes. The first sale had approximately 430 dollars in profit, and the more recent sale had even more profit to cover all costs.

“So many people brought and donated dresses which was a way to help out the cheer team. Next year, with more notice and advertising, there should be a better turn out, and it is a great way to raise money for the team,” said Easter.

Easter modeling dresses. Photograph courtesy of Maddie Easter.

There were dresses that could be worn for Homecoming, Winter Wonderland, Prom or other special occasions. There were designer brands such as Sherri Hill among the dresses, which were fascinating to try on, Easter explained.

Senior Payten Marohl also helped with the sale and expressed the result by stating, “We had probably between 100-150 dresses that ranged in prices from $10-$200. More people can spread the word so that people bring more dresses and more people come to check it out and shop.”

Body Essentials was kind enough to donate dresses from their shop to the cheer team’s consignment sale. Not only did Body Essentials help, but people that lived hours away came to sell their dresses and help out. The people who sold their dresses received sixty percent of the profit made off each dress.

Coach Mary Kast of the cheer team described how the sale went by stating, “I work in retail so it was really fun to bring my job to Shawano. To see the teammates work together in setting up and selling the dresses was also exhilarating to witness. I thought a lot of members from the team should consider working in retail after watching them at the sale.”

The cheer team encourages everyone to come to the dress sale next year as there will be newer and more varieties of dresses to choose from. The prices are affordable and negotiable, so everyone leaves happy and excited to wear their perfect dress. Everyone is also welcome to donate their dresses and let them be enjoyed by other people just as much as they did, as special occasion dresses are often worn only a couple times.