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Shawano students Read Across America

One book, two books, red books, blue books. March 2, 2019 marked the 114th birthday of Dr. Seuss, and schools across the nation recognized this day with a week-long celebration called Read Across America.

Some students will be picking up their first Dr. Seuss book, while others will be revisiting their childhood favorites. The Shawano School District celebrates this holiday throughout the entire district, and teachers were excited to share the importance of reading with their students.

“Reading has so many benefits. It’s a de-stresser, it’s brain food and it opens so many doors for the imagination,” stated Mrs. Charlotte Hoffman, a library staff member at Shawano Community High School.

Some read for the simple pleasure of getting lost in a story, while others read for school. Regardless of the reasons why, everyone reads at one point in their life, and Read Across America is a fun way of getting children to enjoy reading by celebrating the great Dr. Seuss.

“He [Dr. Seuss] has impacted early education more with his rhymes, books and notable characters. His words are well-known, and students can identify his work and celebrate reading,” stated Ms. Anne Beck, a seventh grade teacher at Shawano Community Middle School.

Dr. Seuss books have been the starting point when many children started learning how to read. His books stay with children long after their early childhood years, and some even have characters from the books that stand out to them.

“If I could be any of his characters, I would probably be the Lorax because he really taught a lot about treating the world with more kindness,” said Mrs. Jennifer Sperberg, a fifth grade teacher at Olga Brener Elementary School.

Dr. Seuss will always hold a special place in the hearts of so many students and educators, and the legacy that he has left behind will never be forgotten.