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Student Spotlight: Lydia Quandt

Lydia Quandt is a sophomore at SCHS, and she is involved in many activities while maintaining good grades. Her main focus is cheerleading, which takes up most of her time, and she really enjoys it.

“My favorite activity would have to be cheer because I love the energy that it gives me, even though I get tired a lot,” Quandt stated. “It’s just an all around great time. It’s just great because we always love to give each other pep talks.”

On top of cheer, Quandt is also involved in Spanish Club, Student Council and SADD Club. Besides this, she is also planning on joining girls swim next year. She plans on being in both swim and cheer at the same time.

Not only is Quandt involved in many activities, but she also has a job. “I’m a lifeguard at the Shawano Community High School pool,” Quandt said.

While not at work, sports practices or club meetings, Quandt says she often spends her time with friends and family or watching YouTube on her phone. Quandt definitely has a bright future ahead of her, and she already has an idea of what career she wants to go into.

“The majoring field that I want to go into in college is psychology and criminal justice,” Quandt stated. “I want to go into those two fields because my mom and sister think that I would be a really good psychology person because I enjoy talking to people and figuring things out, and then criminal justice because I like the law and problem solving part of life.”

Quandt has plans to graduate from high school in 2021 and go on to college after that. However, Quandt also has plans for between her high school and college careers.

“I hope to possibly travel between high school and college so then I can get a little bit of an understanding of the world outside of Shawano,” Quandt remarked. “Because you know, Shawano is very small and lonely.”

Most people may be surprised to know that Quandt has not always lived in the small city of Shawano.Quandt was actually adopted from China when she was a baby.

“I was born in China, and I was adopted from the Jiangxi province. I first lived in New London when I was around one or two,” Quandt said. “Then, when I was around I think two or three, I came to Shawano.”

Quandt says that her family pushes her to reach her limits and be the best version of herself. She is very close to her family and depends on them for a lot.

Quandt describes her biggest accomplishment by saying, “I find my biggest accomplishment is being able to go to the Optimist Banquet for two years now. Also, for the cheer team, or at least last year, during freshman year, we made it third in state.”

There is a lot more to Quandt that people do not know. People may be interested to learn that she actually has a Chinese name that is different from her current name.

“My chinese name is Long Hu,” Quandt shared. “It means lake dragon.”