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Tourtillott competes at state

As Shawano High continues to push their students to their full potential, junior Keith Tourtillott takes the long practices and hard work to state. Wrestling since freshman year, Tourtillott has always held himself to a very high standard.

Some goals remain dreams, but Tourtillot’s became reality.

“Ever since I started wrestling I’ve had the goal that I wanted to become the best anyone can possibly be in the sport,” Tourtillott added.

With plans about returning to state next year, Tourtillott continues to push himself to his greatest potential. Trying to stay on top of things,  Tourtillott talks about what has gotten him to to where he is today and where the motivation comes from.

“Having the state title in my hands because I like the glory that comes with winning,” Tourtillott added.

The drills, the work outs, to the late nights, putting in hours upon hours, Tourtillott takes all the work and dedication straight to the mat.

“I put in endless, countless [hours]. One thousand plus, at least,” Tourtillott stated.

Wrestling has made so many incredible memories for Tourtillott, but 2019 has brought some of his favorites.

“My favorite memory from wrestling so far has been finding out I was going to state and running to the Shawano crowd,” Tourtillott added.

Though good memories will stick forever, all seasons have to come to a close. Trying to remain patient for next season, Tourtillott has much to look forward to.

“I will miss all the competing and winning, because there’s no better feeling than coming off the mat with a victory, and getting all the support for it,” Tourtillott stated.

Depending on what Tourtillott would like to do after high school, he considers taking his passion for wrestling to college with him.

“If I end up going to college I intend on wrestling because there’s no argument that it is the hardest sport, and I want to continue improving,” Tourtillott added.

To continue to be successful in his career, Tourtillott has many plans to stay fit during the offseason to make an impressive comeback for next  year and achieve every goal he has made over time.

“I’m going to compete in the offseason in freestyle and Greco,” Tourtillott added. “I am also going to a Jrob camp which will be just as, if not more intense.”

Sometimes the biggest concerns about wrestling are the least of the wrestlers’ worries. Staying on top of things such as staying active, maintaining muscle and making weight is not as big of a deal to some as it is for others.

“I wrestle in the 220 lb weight class. I’m currently 20 lbs under my weight class, so I literally don’t need to worry about making weight,” Tourtillott said.

Photo credit: Adam Bieber

With goals of going back to state in the next school year, Tourtillott intends to push himself to his full potential and grind harder than before. Hitting the gym, eating the right things and continuing to work on his skills will help make him the successful wrestler he intends to be.