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Mastering the Knowledge-A-Thon

On March 28, the students at Olga Brener will be taking the Knowledge-A-Thon. This is a “test” of a hundred grade-level questions for the students to answer

KAT has been around since 2010 when Craig Ferch, who was the school’s psychologist, first introduced it. The students receive incentives in different forms that help academically.

Mrs. Joanne Edwards explained, “KAT buys each student in the school a book that they can pick out on their birthday.  KAT money also goes to each grade level to help offset the cost of field trips.”

The students also get a fun incentive by asking family and friends to donate money or set a price on each question they get right.

Fourth grader Dawson Aguilar said, “We can get things like a pizza lunch, more recess time or even a trip to Xtreme Air.”

Each grade level has different questions for their own grade. The students are also able to study these questions on their free time and in class.

Mrs. Edwards explained, “ Kids prepare in many ways. They study at home, they are quizzed by adults in the building before school and during lunch, and the classroom teachers also quiz kids when they have a few free moments.  Questions are also on the announcements each day. Answers are given the following day.”

Many of the students at the school do feel mixed feelings about this test, but KAT does allow students to learn and grow.

Aguilar concluded, “I don’t like the KAT quizzes because it makes my brain grow and it makes me learn.”