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April Poem – Boiling Points

Boiling Points

The snow, it all melts and sometimes, we feel like that too.

As if our identities are this one thing that we must be defined as,

and when life heats up, we melt from the pressure to simply be.

Maybe the beautiful songbird, adored for her voice,

wishes to be the sturdy sycamore, rooted in environmental studies.

The sun shines and she cannot see,

trapped in this persona she does not want to keep.

And the small town grocer saving every penny for his family

is afraid to leave.

He doesn’t wish to be the shadow of the other men who have,

but his heart aches to flee every time he is submerged in a book, a story.

His classmates call him a townie, a lifer.

And that is what ruins us. That fear of change.

Fear of disappointing those close to us.

Yet, when we close our eyes we know who we truly want to be.

It’s sad that often we care more about

opinions than we do about mental health, about sleep.

If only there weren’t cautionary tales,

the kind you hear of these young people afraid to live their truth,

that spoke of the terrifying moments when life turned up the heat.

When their boiling points evaporated what was happy and healthy.

All of this to say something very simple.

Never fear being unique.

Be unapologetic and be free