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‘Inside’ SCHS science department

On Thursday March 28, students had the opportunity to view actual human organs up close.  Mrs. Angela Kowalewski, one of the science teachers, had a group bring organs to her room to give students interested in the medical field, and their bodies, a chance to see what they’re getting into.  

“It’s an experience that students don’t normally get as a high school student until college,” Mrs. Kowalewski said.  “We dissect animal organs, but they don’t have that comparison between animal and human directly, unless they are able to experience it for themselves.”

Mrs. Kowalewski asked the group specifically to come in to give her students this experience.    

“It’s a program called Northeast Wisconsin Doctors Autocare of NEW Doc,” Mrs. Kowalewski explained.  “It’s an outreach program by medical students from the medical college of Wisconsin. They volunteer their time to come and help educate students or community members on how their body works and maybe make them a better advocate for their own health.”

Presentation about organs. Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Angela Kowalewski.

The organs peaked the interest of several students, whether they were interested in a medical field or not.  Junior Ana Stempa was one of the students that attended the presentation.

“I thought that it would be pretty cool to like be able to touch or hold organs that are inside our bodies,” Stempa said.  “I wouldn’t get a chance like this for a while or forever.”

Seeing the organs up close was an eye opening experience on just how much our body does, to keep us going on a day to day basis.  

“My favorite part was probably holding the brain in my hands,” Stempa explained.  “It was very unique to be able to put in perspective and actually hold what has so much information in your mind and feel what it feels like.  It was pretty fascinating.”

Bringing in these organs is just one of the many opportunities SCHS provides to help students find an idea of what career they want to pursue in the future.