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Make the right move and join chess club

Shawano Community High School offers students the chance to be able to join a club that lets them play a game that has been around for ages. Mr. Dave Stuewer helps run the Chess Club to allow the students the chance to play the game that they love.

This group began because a group of students eleven years ago decided that they wanted to create a Chess Club. Later on, Mr. Stuewer decided to help with the Chess Club because he has a common interest of chess with others.

Mr. Stuewer explained, “When my son was seven or eight, I would drive him to the high school tournaments for chess. It was not until he was in eighth grade, when some of the freshmen from the high school would come with us, and that started our varsity team.”

Students are able to bring their talents to the board through this club. The Chess Club also allows students to go to tournaments at different places to compete.

“My favorite part of being in Chess Club is being able to hang out with my friends after school,” explained freshman Landen Reinders. “I joined Chess Club because it allows me to have a club on my transcript and to be with my friends.”

Chess Club provides a space for students from the high school to be with friends while doing the thing that the students in the club love the most. Not only does Chess Club have students in high school, but it also incorporates students from the middle school in town.

Mr. Stuewer explained, “I am really pleased with the participation from the high school level students, but I wanted the middle school students to also have more experience.”

The club wants to make sure that students at a younger age know how to play chess. Hopefully, it will also catch the interest of the students, and they decide to pursue this in high school.

Eighth grader Morgan Graves explained, “I thought it would be interesting to join Chess Club, and I have been a part for two years. I like hanging out with my friends and being able to go to tournaments. The tournaments are fun. It is a challenge, and I also get to meet new people.”

Chess Club is place for someone that is interested in meeting new people, helping younger people who are interested and a place to grow in something that you may love.