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SCHS hosts Taste of Shawano

On Monday March 25, Junior Achievement put on their 12th annual Taste of Shawano for the public.  The Taste of Shawano is an event where different restaurants in Shawano bring items from the menu for the public to sample.

Sandy Ebbinger has been the head of this event for the past four years.  She is also SCHS’s junior achievement coordinator, so she is actively involved in the high school as well as the community.

Photo courtesy of Jim Leuenberger.

“The Taste of Shawano is an opportunity for to raise funds and awareness of a junior achievement through a community event,” Ebbinger said.  “We ask many of our business partners to come and support us and make it a fun evening.”

About 26 restaurants sign up to have a booth at the event and plan their menu to showcase their different foods.

“I think it’s special because the restaurants and vendors that participate can show off their menus and something that [is] their specialty in catering,”  Ebbinger explained. “It’s an opportunity to get their name and their product out there. It’s also an opportunity to meet their customers, because often times in their business daily life of running their restaurants, they’re very busy and they don’t get to see face to face their customers.  It lets them interact more.”

People from all over the community offer their time to help make this event possible, whether it’s selling tickets or helping set up or tear down the venue.  

“My favorite part was seeing how many students and community members were

Photo Courtesy of Jim Leuenberger.

volunteering their time to make it run,”  said Mrs. Kathryn Beres, one of the business teachers at the high school. “Just the fact that all of these people come together.  We had a lot of students coming right from their sporting events to try and get here.”

Overall, the day was a success and hundreds of community members stood in line to get a little taste of Shawano.