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Student Spotlight-Sarah Carlson

Former newspaper reporter, Sarah Carlson is currently busy with many activities, even though she is no longer a part of the newspaper. Carlson has been involved in multiple sports throughout her life, and she continues to join many clubs throughout high school.

Currently Carlson is involved in six clubs and one sport.

“In freshman year I did Spanish Club, Science Society, and Math Club. This year I am doing Spanish Club, Science Society, Math Club, Art Club, SADD Club and DI,” Carlson stated.

Her DI team is actually going to state this year, and they compete on April 13. She is a part of the team “Shattered Dreams”, and her team is competing in the technical division against 10 other teams. Even though Carlson is often busy with all her extra-curricular activities, she still maintains good grades.

“My biggest accomplishment in high school is having good grades and being able to be a part of programs like the Optimist Club,” Carlson said.

Carlson has her future planned out ahead of her. After high school, she hopes to go onto college, and then she plans on going into the medical field.

“I hope to go into the medical field when I am older,” Carlson explained. “I want to be a pediatrician because I want to be able to help kids and their families.”

Carlson is pushing herself now to reach her goals. She is putting in her best effort in high school to get ahead of the game so she is prepared for the rest of her career ahead of her.

Carlson describes her plans for after high school by saying, “I hope to go to college and eventually start a family and become a pediatrician.”

As of right now, Carlson is just enjoying her time in high school. She plays tennis every fall. She has played on varsity multiple times, and she enjoys the competitive part of tennis.

“My favorite activity that I am involved in is Tennis. I really enjoy being able to be a part of the team and playing tennis with friends!” Carlson exclaimed.

Carlson has a positive outlook on life and wants to be involved in as many things as possible. She enjoys spending time with her friends, and joining sports and clubs gives her another excuse to hang out with her friends. She also likes to be involved with things going on around the school.

“I choose to be involved in activities because it gives me something to do, and it helps me get involved in the school. I am in clubs and activities that involve things that I enjoy,” Carlson explained.

Carlson also volunteers to tutor struggling students at the Shawano Community Middle School. She spends a couple days each week helping students with their homework after school.

When asked to share a fun fact about herself, Carlson said, “I have never broken a bone. The only time I have been to the emergency room is when I was three. I ate some rat poison, but in my defense they looked like fruit snacks.”