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NHS gives back to community

Shawano Community has experienced many great opportunities this year because of the Shawano High School National Honors Society. The National Honors Society has held many volunteer events to assist in contributing back to this amazing community and continue to hold a high standard at the school.

The National Honors Society has put on many events this year, but the most recent was a food drive held for SAFPARC on April 14. The students who participated had a collection truck outside the store and greeted and visited with the shoppers throughout the day. They took in many donations that were given to SAFPARC that evening. The event was planned by the NHS and Tri-M students, as the honors societies enjoy reaching out and planning their own events in the community.

Chris Black stated, “We aren’t doing anything directly with the school. It’s just volunteer events we put together for the community.”

The National Honors Society is split up into many committees or smaller groups, so they can focus on helping with as many events in the city as possible. This is a great program for them to take charge and handle all the events by themselves instead of the school telling them what they can do for the community. It gives the students a chance to build interpersonal skills by talking with each other and the businesses in the community that they put on events with.

Black said, “We do not have events every week; we have dry spells and then burst of events.”

Although there are not events every month, they hold a lot in a short period of time, and the events are great for the community. The National Honors Society is a great way for the students to interact with the community and build skills for the future that they will need, while also gaining knowledge about the community they live in.

To celebrate the Easter spirit with the younger schools, they are putting on an Easter egg hunt for the elementary students at Hillcrest.

Faith Schenk noted, “The egg hunt is a great way for the students and teachers at Hillcrest to get out and enjoy themselves.”

The egg hunt at Hillcrest will be held on Wednesday, April 17 during the day and will give the students and teachers a nice break from school to have fun. The egg hunt is the National Honors Society’s way of letting the younger students have an enjoyable week.

Schenk explained, “We have wanted to go to Hillcrest for a while now so we can connect with the little kids and teachers, while giving them something fun to look forward to.”

National Honors Society is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership qualities by planning and organizing the committees and volunteer events. They also learn responsibility and hard work by carrying out and going through with the events.

Perhaps the most valuable skill they will learn is how to empathize with others in the community and reach out to help give back to them. These skills are not only helpful in their high school career, but it will help them in their future jobs, schooling and relationships with others.