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Softball springs into season

As sports spring into session, softball starts again and continues to expand in their goals for the upcoming season. With big goals, the Shawano Varsity Softball team blocks out their surroundings and gets their heads in the game.

For some, softball is an escape from everyday life, while for others, softball is all they have ever known so they push to continue to expand their capabilities.

“My personal goal is to stay focused and to improve after every game,” junior Abi Vomastic stated.

In setting personal goals, there is a reason behind all of them. There is always a support system pushing athletes to their greatest potential.

“My biggest motivation is my dad because he always pushes me to do my best, and he is always here to pick me up when I have bad games,” senior Bayleigh Laabs added.

For some, the goal may be to win the game or push themselves to their greatest extents, maybe even pursue a future with the sport they love, but for others, the memories made are worth so much more than winning or losing a game would be.

“Some of my favorite memories playing [are] probably the bus rides there and back. It’s full of laughter and talk, and if we win the thrill of it stays with us,” sophomore Arvilla James stated.

Carrying around experieces that will not be forgotten, the memories the team shares are a big part of the sport itself.

“My favorite memory is when Kristina Wynos got her cleat stuck in the fence while running after a ball against Denmark,” Vomastic added.

Holding softball close to their hearts, some of these girls have been pushed to their full potential and have dedicated their entire life to playing. Everything they have learned came through softball.

“I have been playing since I was six years old,” Laabs stated. My biggest motivation is my dad because he always pushes me to do my best.”

Softball is what brings these girls together, and their team is built around strong friendships, encouraging coaches and hard work.

“My teammates are a major highlight in playing the game because they’re so positive and helpful. It’s never a dull moment with them,” James commented.

Not every game played is a successful one, but that’s where the team steps in to be a shoulder to cry on.

“I’d say the best feeling is knowing your teammates have your back and will remind you to shake it off and keep going ,” James added.

With high hopes of success for this upcoming season, the softball players are excited to continue to grow and expand their minds. Sometimes seasons can be the best, or they can be the worst and that is where off-season comes in. With extra training, drills and conditioning, it all pays off.

“We have tryouts during spring break and we end around three weeks in to May,” Vomastic stated.

You may see these girls at the diamonds in Shawano, or maybe even away. But the next time you watch a game be sure to think about the deeper meaning behind this sport and the impact it makes on each player in different ways.