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May Poem – Sweet Goodbyes

Sweet Goodbyes

“Goodbye.” “See you soon.”

The words taste like lemonade and vanilla soft serve;

sweet signs of a new season.

A new era, miles away from here.

The last times you will see the same friendly faces,

but they smile just the same.

The sun sets on shoulders clothed in red and black silk,

but warms our faces with opportunity and excitement.

We say goodbye, and we are gone.

Windows down on warm night cruises,

higher than we’ve ever been on a glowing ferris wheel,

covered in sand, and full of barbecue food and happiness.

We say goodbye, but we really say hello.

Hello to dorm life, to nine-to-fives, and new friends.

We get to have so much more.

We get to be so much more.

So maybe “Goodbye” doesn’t have to be bitter,

because it doesn’t have to be.

We are ready to move on, pack up, and move out.

After a final summer of live music and familiarity,

there will be a new adventure.

Much like four years ago,

there will be a new set of rules

and new ways to have fun.

For now, we anticipate the final walk,

the last big party, and our final goodbyes.

Hopefully, the future tastes just as sweet.