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SCHS celebrates government day

As spring sets in, SCHS planned a field trip to the courthouse for select students that are interested in Government Day. Teacher Mrs. Angela Bahr chose multiple students to tag along. There was only room for the first 25 to get their paperwork turned in. The students spent the whole day at the courthouse, where they were served sloppy joes for lunch and a day full of information.

“We toured the courthouse and the jail, and learned all about how cases work. Whether it’s for health, children or legal cases,” sophomore Megan Hass stated.

Many students enjoyed each activity as they walked around the courthouse and learned about each office and their meaning. Along with that, the students had an opportunity to do a mock trial of a Shawano County Board meeting.

“We also had a mock trial so the students could experience what it would be like in court, discussing and changing city ordinances,” sophomore Grace Licausi stated.

The students who attended the courthouse were selected by their interest in civics, and their academic status. Joining with surrounding schools, Shawano was placed with many students they had never met. Students believe this was a good learning experience because of how much actually goes into each trial, and the amount of different offices that many did not know existed.

“You may not realize, but there [are] a lot of things in the courthouse happening that we didn’t even know existed,” sophomore Caden Nelson added.

There were many different experiences in the courthouse that day, but everyone walked away with a favorite in mind.

“My favorite part was learning about the jail and how policemen and women go about their job,” Hass added.

From each station students were taught about the offices and why they are important in their everyday lives, including agriculture, voting, child support, health care and job opportunities.

“We got tours around the buildings, and it was basically question and answer sessions with people who worked there,” Licausi said.

Before lunch the students got a look at the jail, squad cars and how everything is run when getting brought into jail. While touring, there were a few people being brought in to be put in jail, but for the students it added excitement.

“My favorite part was probably going to the jail and getting to see all the squad cars with all the equipment,” Nelson stated.

Along with the tours, mock board meeting and speakers, there were sloppy joes, ice cream, chips and milk provided for all of the students who attended. And in almost every room toured, there were cookies for the students to take as they pleased.

“While at the courthouse we toured the jail and got to eat really good sloppy joes!” Hass added.

All and all, it was a day full of learning, excitement and a great opportunity to learn about the little things that have a big effect on your community. For some, the best part was the tours and learning, while for others it was the board meeting and meeting new students from different schools.