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Shawano boys golf swings into season

Shawano boys golf has started the 2019 spring season! Members of the golf team have been waiting all winter to finally be able to get back on the course.

Due to weather conditions, the team has not been able to compete or practice as much as they had hoped, but there is still plenty of time for them to show what they have been working for.

“I started the year off bad with a 57 on nine holes, but in the meet last Friday I shot better with a 95 on 18 holes to tie for the top on the team,” stated sophomore Lucas TePlate on his performance so far this season.

Golfing is a great way to meet new people. While on the course at meets the golfers have had opportunities to make friends from other schools and bond with members of their own team.

“The rest of the season I hope to make new friends on the course and have a good time,” said TePlate.

While other sports can be intense, golf is a non-contact sport and can almost be seen as a retreat from other sport seasons. Being in a relaxed but competitive environment is something that is not seen in many other sports.

“It’s such a great sport to relax and enjoy the outdoors while also competing. It is also a sport that my teammates and I can enjoy for the rest of our lives,” commented junior Karsten Anderson.

High school golf meets usually start pretty early in the morning so the team tends to miss a lot of school during the season. The amount of school missed can be especially challenging during high school, so golfers have had to find the balance between keeping up with school work and competing in the sport that they love.

“It is essential to talk to teachers before we leave for the meets to make sure we can get our classwork covered before the next class. Our coach doesn’t let us go to the meets unless he knows we are responsible enough to get our school work done,” stated Anderson.

As the season progresses, the team has had to start thinking about the goals that they are going to set for the rest of the season. Goals range anywhere from personal goals like a better score or goals for the team.

“I guess my personal goal for the rest of the season is to make it to sectionals. It would be really cool,” said sophomore Andrew Puissant.

Anderson also shared his personal goals by stating, “I am looking forward to improving on my scores and seeing everyone else on the team continuing to get better.” He continued, “My goal is to improve on the scores that I had last year and get better each year. Hopefully a few of the kids on our team can place in conference, and we can possibly make a run at regionals and make it to sectionals.”

SCHS wishes the boys golf team luck in the rest of their season.