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Soccer girls are looking ‘forward’ to this season

The girl’s soccer team at Shawano Community High School started their season with multiple practices during spring break in March and have already played ten games.

Due to all of the weather that Shawano has received, there have only been a few times that the girls were allowed to play outside. However, the girls are still optimistic and ready to get on the field at any time.

Junior Tanessa Krysheski, who plays wing, explained, “I joined soccer because it has been a lot of fun, and it has been a passion of mine that I have pursued for the longest time. Soccer interests me because it is aggressive, very upbeat and a very fun sport that I get to do with my team.”

Junior Alexis Ramirez also added, “I started playing community soccer in fifth grade because my dad really wanted me to do something over the summer. I got hooked on soccer because of how physical but fun it can be at the same time.”

Even though the season has just begun, some of the players have accumulated memories from the times that are shared together.

Ramirez said, “My favorite memory of this season was winning against Antigo. Although, my favorite part of the team is how encouraging we can be, especially when someone gets put in a new position and everyone does their best to supportive and help them out.”

For some of the team members it is just being able to be with other individuals on the team that creates these bonds.

Krysheski explained, “My favorite memory from this season is not a single time in particular, but more of an accumulation of talks and shared laughter when we all can just have a really good time.”

Soccer is a sport that makes everyone work hard, but they have to work hard together. Some of the players play on both varsity and junior varsity, and some of  them have a hard decision of which effort they want to put in for a team.

Freshman Kaylee Rindt explained, “I wanted to join soccer in high school because I love playing it and [I’m]hoping to earn a letter after four years. Although, it’s hard to be playing on both JV and Varsity and to determine which team to put my heart into.”

There also have been tough times at some moments for some people on the team. This allows some of the team members to shine a light on what they think is an issue.

Ramirez explained, “I would like my team to learn from this season is that effort is everything.”

Many of the members on the team have different goals for themselves, like being able to score a goal. In the end, they all want the same outcome for the team.

Krysheski explained, “I want the team to really work together as the eleven we are and work our way up in the conference.”

If anyone is wanting to join soccer next year, you are able to try-out for the team. The girl’s soccer team welcomes anyone that puts their heart and soul into a sport that is loved by many.