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Student Spotlight: Megan Herrmann

Megan Herrmann is a sophomore at the Shawano Community High School. She spends a lot of her time getting involved with school plays and musicals, and she enjoys writing and taking pictures in her freetime.

“I have always loved singing, acting, and taking photos. They all make me so happy because I’m doing something I love,” Herrmann stated.

Hermann’s “SCHS Portrait” is even going to be displayed in the high school’s office. Along with photography classes, Herrmann is in choir and theater classes, and she has joined multiple clubs.

Herrmann shares about her involvement with the school by saying, “I was in WINGS my freshman and sophomore year, and then I joined SADD and Tri-M my sophomore year.”

Tri-M Music Honor Society is a program of the National Association for Music Education. Each year, the Shawano music teachers decide which students would be qualified to join the club based on grades and their musical ability. If a student like Herrmann is chosen and they decide that they want to join, then they must audition to get in .

Herrmann stated, “I love to sing and act in many shows. Some of them are at the Mielke Theatre as well.”

Herrmann has been involved in many shows. It is her goal to be in every show that the Shawano high school puts on until she graduates in 2021. So far she has been in The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Fools, Seussical, Miracle Worker, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Little Mermaid.

When asked what career field she wants to go into Herrmann said, “Performing. Whether it’s singing or acting. It’s always been my dream and always will be.”

Herrmann gets closer to her goals every year. With every show that she does, she is one step closer to becoming the performer that she hopes to be.

“I see myself happy and maybe finally with someone who loves me. I’d like to think that I fulfilled my dream of becoming a performer and inspiring people,” Herrmann described where she sees herself ten years from now.

Not many people know that Hermann actually enjoys writing a lot in her freetime. She is already a successful writer and she has no plans to stop soon.

Herrmann stated, “I do write a lot. I have a published unfinished book online that has a little over 1,000 reads on it. I like to write a lot, and it’s one of my favorite hobbies.”

When she is not performing in plays or singing in the choir, Herrmann spends a lot of her time writing stories. She often writes stories based on experiences that she has had in life.

When asked about something that most people would not know about her, Herrmann said, “I’ve never actually been out of Wisconsin.”

She has never travelled out of the state, but she hopes to eventually be able to travel. Herrmann is grateful to have her family by her side through everything. They are very supportive of everything that she wants to do.

Herrmann said, “They support me unconditionally, and I love them for that.”