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The grand slam

As winter comes to an end, spring has swung into the front seat, and baseball finds its way into our lives. The Shawano High School JV Baseball team is taking the roles of a JV one and two team due to the lack of players. The JV team, although not having enough players to split into two teams, is smashing through everyone.

Freshman Zachary Jurmu said, “The lack of players is kind of nice, because everyone gets lots of playing time to build up our skills for the future.”

The JV team is made up of mostly freshman and a few sophomores who have played together for years. They have been with each other through thick and thin, which is making them a team to be reckoned with.

Sophomore Brandon Bushy stated, “My favorite thing about playing baseball is the experience I get with my friends.”

With the season still in the headlights, and the team not slowing down, they have a winning record and plan on keeping it that way. This is an important season to all of these players because it will show that they have what it takes to play with anyone. The baseball team has lost many great players but is gaining more talent as the year goes on.

Sophomore Zach Erdmann claimed, “I can’t wait to see how the incoming players fill out and who stands out over others. The team is always looking for leaders to keep the team on track.”

The practices can vary from day to day. They always start by throwing as a pair, then split up into the teams and work on skills that were lacking the last game or practice. Practicing is a nice way for teams to understand strengths and weaknesses, while learning who is a team player and who focuses on themselves only.

Photo courtesy of Jen Kadonsky

Jurmu stated, “I play on a traveling team for the state of Wisconsin, and we travel all over the northern states to compete in tournaments and games. I don’t have a specific school picked out yet, but I plan on taking my baseball career as far as it can go.”

Most people on the team continue baseball when the summer leagues open up, and  the ones who are committed to only baseball go to indoor camps and batting cages during winter to hone in on any skills they feel like they need work on.

The JV team has three more high school seasons after this to find out how they truly stack up with everyone, but if they keep working on the little things, it will go a long way into making them an unstoppable team.