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Saying “so long” to seniors

On May 31 Shawano High School will be wishing their seniors farewell as they graduate. As the school year comes to a quick close, the realization of saying goodbye to friends has not set in. Seniors have completed four years of late nights for athletics, hours on end of studying and preparing for college.

Senior Lindsey Roloff had advice for underclassmen stating, “Get as involved as you possibly can in high school. Although it may seem overwhelming at times, being involved gives you so many opportunities and gives you memories that will last a lifetime. I would not be half the person I am today if I hadn’t experienced so many things during my years here.”

Roloff and other seniors including Karelyn Malliett, Karson Rades and Alice Hoffman are all graduating with high honors as they earned valedictorian. Valedictorian is the recognition of students that have the highest academic achievements of the class.

“To become valedictorian took a lot of hard work and time. I needed to make sure I kept school on the top of my priority list even when I had many other things going on, and I needed to plan homework time into my schedule. It was also about going the extra mile. It feels great to have accomplished something this big, and I am happy my hard work paid off in the end,” stated Roloff.

High school is an experience none will forget. It is the time that people grow into young adults who will change the world.

Rades expressed his high school experience by stating, “What I will miss most is my friends and being close to home. On the other hand, I won’t miss the small town aspect of Shawano. I can’t wait to meet new people and start the next chapter.”

Karson Rades senior picture. Photograph courtesy of Sam Oss.

There are so many lessons that high school can deliver to the students. Whether the lessons are about essential information for higher education, profession help,  relationships with peers or simply how to be an adult.

“I learned that the opinions of others do not matter as long as you are happy with yourself. I also learned that things in life are not always fair, and that will never change. Sometimes you have to do more work than other people, and other times people will pick up your slack,” explained Roloff.

Roloff recognized some of her most significant accomplishments in high school that included being an officer of almost every club she is in, being offensive MVP of girls soccer and winning the Brewers Day “best outfit” award. Rades is also most proud of his 4.0 GPA, playing 12 sports, placing in conference and sectionals last year.

“The thing I will miss most about high school is my closest friends and the relationships I have built with my teachers. After four years, I have become very close with some teachers and friends, and it will be hard to say goodbye to them all,” expressed Roloff.

With love and support, these seniors will prevail in the real world. Roloff dedicated her motivation to excel in school to her grandma, and Rades dedicated it to his mom.

Rades added a comment about striving in high school by stating, “Sometimes you have to be the honest person when no one else is. If the opinion of others affects you, you will not make it. Put yourself first.”

Roloff will be attending St. Norbert College, where she will be studying pre-law and business. Her goal is to become a business lawyer in the future; therefore, she will be studying both pre-law and business. Rades will be going to Saint Mary’s in Winona to study sports management where he will swim and be on the archery team.

On behalf of the SCHS Newspaper staff, we wish all the seniors farewell and good luck on all your endeavors!