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SCHS holds petting zoo

Every year SCHS holds a petting zoo in the Agriculture department where the younger kids come to the high school to see what the fuss is all about. Students from the Animal and Pet Care class get to sit with animals and show children around.

“I think my favorite thing about the petting zoo is seeing all of the kids and their reactions when they see and touch the animals,” senior Payten Marohl stated.

There are many different things to see at the petting zoo as there are animals inside and outside. The animals inside were more reptiles and smaller caged animals, while the animals outside got as big as a horse.

“We show the children around and let them pet all of the animals. It is a lot of fun,” junior Bryce Baller stated.

As everyone has their personal favorites, the children seemed to love everything. Some prefer the baby chicks, and others prefer the bumpier animals.

“I have a hedgehog, and I love seeing the children’s reactions when they feel it for the first time,” Marohl added.

As the day went on, each classroom got more and more crowded as students from Hillcrest filled the high school.

“The only thing I would change about the petting zoo is the set up of it all. It got really crowded at times, and the room got really warm,” Baller added.

For all of the assistance, all of the Animal and Pet Care classes got free pizza and soda for helping put on the petting zoo.

“I liked helping out and showing the little kids my snake and seeing their reaction,” sophomore Brandan Bushy stated.

There were many volunteers for many different jobs, though at times things got busy. The day was spaced out by groups, along with the high schoolers being allowed to come down at anytime throughout the day and visit the animals.

“There were a variety of animals from what I saw. My favorite was the horses and seeing some of the dogs!” Marohl added.

Though the students helped everything go smoothly, none of this would be possible without Mr. Stomberg and Mrs. Goers, as they both put in great amount of time and effort to getting everything put together to make this day enjoyable.

“Mrs. Goers and Stomberg put in a lot of time planning this, and it can be a lot sometimes, but we got through it,” Baller added.

This event is a yearly escape and is open to families of the children that would like to come down to SCHS and meet the animals!

“I had to find a horse trailer to get my horse here, but seeing all the students pet and love the horse made it all worth it,” junior Jaliyah Warrack added.

This is an all around great opportunity to get to know animals better and their needs when it comes to owning one. The petting zoo is a great event for the community and a great learning opportunity for the students who may not own pets, or do not get to be around them often.