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Student Art Showcase: The last of the art

As the school year comes to an end, so do the art pieces. Currently the seniors are finishing up their last pieces of art, while lower classmen are focusing on finishing up as much as they can.

The art show coming up on May 22 leaves little time to finish pieces and prepare them to be shown.

“I would like to have more pieces than I currently have, but with the amount of time that we have it will be difficult,” art teacher Mrs. Hansen stated.

Currently the Ceramics 2 classes are finishing up their hand-built SAM 25 bowls, which will be given to a SAM 25 fundraiser in October, and their pre-made bowls.

The sculpture classes are finishing up their hand sculptures. Every piece is different, and each individual hand shows people’s individual personalities and cultural backgrounds.

May 29 will be a sad day in the art department as that is the last day the seniors will be attending class. Currently trying to get everything done and ready on time, students are working hard to finish up.

Along with creating 3D pieces, other pieces provided by the drawing and painting class include heartfelt paintings that were included into the art show. These students are very proud of their work and are determined to keep working hard to become better artists each and every year.