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The final goodbye

With the end of the school year rolling up, and the ghost of the seniors roaming the halls, the class of 2019 starts to remember their years of schooling. To the new students joining and others leaving, from kindergarten to high school. The high school seniors will walk the stage in a last hurrah from being insecure freshmen to the boastful seniors we are today.

High school was the greatest time I could ever imagine. I met new people who have impacted my life drastically, while slowly finding out the real question, ‘‘ Who am I?’’ My high school career started in a place most people can’t imagine being civilized. The weather is questionable and takes a lot to get used to. The athletics are cared for more than anything else other than grades, and it produces some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. My freshman year I met a lot of people through my small group, which made it even better. I gained a family on the football field and on the campus. My friends who I consider brothers have had my back in any situation, and still do even when I am out of the state. I played my first two high school years of football on an undefeated team, on which I started as a defensive end the first year moving to a receiver, safety, and punter. All of these changes have made me into the person I am today. knowing that you do not have to stay in one place. You can move anywhere and still have a home.

Chrystal Pyawasay

Then I moved. Moving was the hardest part of my high school career. I did not know anyone, and I did not know where to place myself in the different groups. The first week I did not talk to others much; I just stayed to myself. Until I got into the football program.

Joining football in Shawano got me into the loop with other students who had the same interests as me and allowed me to grow in reputation within the school. As I was finding more people, something did not feel right. So I started to look for other groups to talk to and hang out with, until I found myself talking to many different types of students. After I became accustomed to how Shawano works, I became a little more open and started to share my past and how different my life was to how people live theirs here.

Chrystal Pyawasay

Even though I found my home and placement in Shawano, I was still missing something. When I looked at my actions more in depth, I found what I was missing. Because I had the choice of moving, I knew once I got here that this is not what I really wanted. I looked at my life before and what I had to now, and everything went back to the same thing. I don’t have the same connection with people here that I had in Texas. The sports were better, and the friends I used to have, I don’t anymore. Yes, I keep in touch with everyone, but slowly I have fallen into a hole where I am trying to stay in the loop with my friends back home and with the students here.

Shawano has brought me many joys, but it is not the same to what I am used to. The people here have known each other for years and will not accept me the way they accept each other. I grew up in a certain group, and I can’t connect with others the same as I did with them, and that has been the hardest part of my high school career.

Even though this is how I feel, I know after high school all my friends I had, I won’t talk to much at all, and my new family will come from the Navy. I will go on from this creating a new bond with them that will be different than any other. I feel hopeful about my life and where it will take me after high school.