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Homecoming dress up fun

September 16 through 20, Shawano Community High School had students dress up differently each day for homecoming.

Makayla Stickney and Aiyana Davids

The themes this year were Dress Like Your Parents Day, Twin Day, Decades Day, Meme Day and Hawks Spirit Day. If a student were to dress up, they would then be counted towards their class points.

“I dressed up everyday except the day I missed due to me being sick, which was Meme Day, and I was really upset about that,” senior Riley Tucker said. “I dressed up everyday because it’s my senior year, and I think I should just dress up everyday.”

Even most of the teachers decided to dress up for the days, so they can show the students how it can be fun.

“I dress up for the dress up days because it is awesome. I think everyone works so hard that you have to do something to make it fun,” an english teacher, Mrs. Ellen Kann, explained. “My favorite day was twin day for sure because I got to look like a pregnant lady all day.”

Everyone does not have to dress up for these days. Some of the students will go all out, some will dress up for points or some just will not dress up at all.

“Part of having fun in high school is doing the dress up days, and I think it is fun to go all out. I mean if you are going to go all the way then you better go big or go home,” junior Isabel Colón explained. “I think our class has stepped up our game a lot by dressing up more. There is still a lot of people that do not dress up, but I think some of the people do not have that much of school spirit and just do not want to do it, which is fine.”

The dress up days also let some of the students remincise on some of the days that they have liked from this year or the past years.

Tucker said, “I always liked Decades Day because it was always fun. I think we did it our freshman year, and I wore some of my mom’s clothes that were from the 90’s, which was the decade we had gotten that year. It was always a fun time to dress up like that.”