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Recognizing SCHS clubs: GSA and Math Club

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is a club that supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community of Shawano Community High School. The club brings awareness to the students and showing them that it is okay to be themselves. 

Junior Aliza Byczek, vice president, along with junior president Mckenzee Stevenson advises the club and organizes the group’s activities with Mrs. Jenny Pigeon as head of the club.

 “Being president, I want to make tons of good changes to the club to make it better. I also want to make the club to [a place] where people are not afraid of it or afraid to join,” Stevenson stated. “I would like for our club to gain fundraisers such as a bake sale or a shoe drive if Science Society is not doing it, so we can put our club out there for others to see.” 

There are not as many club-hosted activities as they would like to have for GSA, but they want to gain more of them.

“One of our activities is putting up a poster in the cafeteria and [asking] the people why they support others in the LGBTQ community, so they would go up and write on sticky notes why they support the LGBTQs and put it on the poster,” explained Byczek. 

GSA is a small club, but it is trying to grab more students’ attention by putting on more events and gaining a fundraiser. 

Aliza Byczek, GSA Vice President

“We only do one event throughout the year sadly, but we are trying to fix that and do more for our club,” explained Byczek. “My favorite memory within the club is seeing all the gender-fluid people and spreading awareness to others about the LGBTQ community.”

This is Stevenson’s first time being a president of a club, and she wants to make it a good experience. 

Stevenson wants to try and make the club accessible for everyone so they can be themselves and feel safe in GSA. 

“We want to make posters for the bathrooms like the other ones in the stalls so they can see what GSA is all about,” stated Stevenson. 

Another club in the school with little recognition, Math Club, is one that is not talked about like the others. 

Mrs. Emilie Pingel is head of the club and has been running it for about five years now. 

“Math Club is for all different types of students to talk about math and practice it as well,” Mrs. Pingel stated. “The club was formed to show students that math is fun and worth learning within the school.”  

Senior Brianna Mott is president, and senior Ben Smits is in charge of Public Relations, and they help run Math Club for everyone to enjoy. 

Smits has been in Math Club for each of his years in school, and he enjoys it not only for the math but the people. 

“I love Math Club. I would continue to be in it each year because that is what I am used to,” Smits commented. 

Math Club is not just about math but also the conversational parts that bring joy to the people in the club. 

“We don’t always do math, but  I love the conversations that go along with the club as we eat cookies and drink milk,” Smits stated. 

Mott joined Math Club for the first time this year, and it is her first time being the head of a club. 

“If I could go back to my earlier years of high school, I would definitely join the club again,” Mott stated. 

As president, Mott wants to make sure the club is not only titled for ‘nerds’ but for everyone. 

“With our club being classified one way I want to change that for the better and give our club a new name,” Mott stated. 

Mott would like to gain more little fundraisers for her club.

“As my last year, I would like to leave a good impression as the Math Club president and bring out more types of people to join,” Mott started. “Math is not just for nerds. It is for everyone, and seeing all the different people who are dedicated to math makes me really happy.”

Mott’s favorite memory within the club is not just math but also the people there. 

“I love to see all the new people there that are not just there for the food but also there for math,” Mott explained. “Math club is open-minded and open to all who join, and when new people join it is amazing!” 

In the end with both clubs doing whatever they can to get the recognition they need, they are both great clubs to be a part of!