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SCHS gets ready to jingle those bells

Christmas time in the city of Shawano spreads to the clubs at Shawano Community High School. The FFA, Science Society Med Maniacs and Spanish Club will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army. The Spanish Club rang the bells on December 6 from 4 to 5 clock at Walmart. On December 14, the FFA will be ringing bells at Walmart and Charlie’s, and the Med Maniacs will be ringing the bells at True Value from 3 to 5 clock.

Bell ringing for the holidays is a great way to get to know the community. Mrs. Kelly Lightner is overseeing the event for the Spanish Club.

Mrs. Lightner stated, “It’s twofold, as one there are a lot of people in need of the holiday season. I think it is really good that the Spanish Club can go out and help give back to the community. I think it is important for the student to give back to the community, especially when it is the holidays and to volunteer.”

Mrs. Lightner feels that a good connection with the community is an amazing experience for the students at SCHS. Not only does Mrs. Lightner think that having a good connection with the community is a great idea, but she values the tradition of bell ringing. This will be the seventh year that Mrs. Lightner has helped to gather students for this event.

 Junior Emma Krueger, a bell ringer who loves to volunteer her time dedicated to the club, said,“I really like a lot of things about bell ringing. I enjoy seeing all the people, and I like talking to people and how nice they are.”

Krueger has a great attitude to everyone she meets. She stated, “The most important part of bell ringing is to have fun and to think you are doing it for a good cause.” 

Bell ringing is a good way to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people. 

FFA club officer junior Morgan Weining had the important task of gathering people to ring bells for the club.

Weining stated, “I like to see the kids come out and the little kids help donate. I also like it when the older kids help out, too. It’s lots of fun. We also have kids that come out and sing when we ring bells.”

Gathering people for this event was one of the easiest parts of Weining’s task managing jobs.

Weining explained, “It’s really not that bad. We created a sign up online, and we have a sign on the door where people could sign up and their times.” Weining further explained, “One of the hardest parts of bell ringing is the cold. Some people are not prepared, and others are not used to it.”

The Salvation Army has been around for many generations and will be there for many more. The SCHS FFA, Science Society and Spanish Club are bringing in the holiday joy and pride at our schools.