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Athletes of the Month: Sundrop Shootout

During winter break the Shawano Community High School boys and girls basketball teams played at the Sundrop Shootout at the Kress Center in Green Bay. On Friday December 27 the girls team played Manitowoc Lincoln at 12:05 p.m., and the boys team played Green Bay Preble at 1:40 p.m. The boys won with a score of 75-60, and the girls lost with a close game of 61-67.

Senior Carter Weisnicht plays center for the boys team, and sophomore Ethan Schwitzer plays as a forward. 

“The atmosphere of playing on a college court for sure made the game unique. Preble was a great team and had a lot of good players which made it difficult. We also played with a smaller team, but in the end, we played together and gave it our all to come out on top,” stated Weisnicht.

It is a challenge in itself to play at the UW- Green Bay campus Kress Center because there is a large crowd and various other teams playing there on the same day.

Schwitzer elaborated, “It was crazy being able to play at the Kress because not many teams get to play there. It was especially hard playing a team with a fast point guard and two guys that were 6’7” and 6’8”. After playing that game I would like to go from scoring six points per game and increase that to ten points per game while also continuing to help rebound.”

The teams have a long way to go and are working hard every day to improve on what they can bring to the team individually. 

“Personally, I need to get inside and use my height as an advantage. We’ve been practicing hard every day which helped everyone improve at everything. That is why we have our goal set on a winning season from here on out,” said Weisnicht.

The teams have been working hard through the season and the offseason to improve their skills. Their hard work can be shown as both teams will experience a loss and know exactly how to regroup and bounce back.

Schweitzer described how to cope with failure by stating, “I try not to think about it and just move on to the next play. I’ve always been afraid of failure, but I’ve learned to just move on because if you don’t it will continue to haunt you and you will continue to fail.”

For some, this season is their last, and it is important for the community to come support these athletes as they advance. 

Schwitzer described the feeling of losing some of his teammates next year by stating, “I’m not looking forward to the seniors leaving, and although I’ve only gotten to play with them for two years, I’ve shared a lot of memories with them. Then again I’m going to have to step up to help lead and score the points that the seniors would have scored.”

Win or lose Shawano is proud to have such hard-working individuals, and on behalf of the Hawks Post, we wish both teams good luck with the rest of their season!