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Middle School Outreach- January

Welcome to 2020!  I’m glad that we all made it, and I can’t wait to see everything this year has to offer. Please keep submitting questions so that we can keep up this outreach.  You can submit your questions to student services or email me at buermap@shawanoschools.com.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Question: How do you keep organized in high school?


It is very important to write down all of your assignments and due dates.  I find it easiest to write them down in your agenda. If there are big assignments due, put them into your calendar so that you don’t forget.  

But if you’re talking about staying organized with your classes and materials, there are several different things you can do.  I find it easiest to have separate folders for every class and get several subject notebooks for your odd and even days. It is also nice to have another folder for homework, so you know exactly what they do.  Just make sure that you don’t lose that folder.  

I would also recommend starting assignments as soon as you get them.  Even if it’s just doing your research. A lot of times procrastination is the killer. Sometimes procrastination is ok. It’s a part of life.  Just make sure that you can catch up when you get a second. Also, I find it really helpful to write all of my assignments down several times so I can get the satisfaction of crossing them out.  It gives me motivation to cross off another thing because I can physically see what I am getting done.  

Best of luck!