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SCHS clubs do good in community

Christmas in the Shawano community was made even brighter this year thanks to SCHS Culture Club and National Honors Society [NHS]. Students from each club spent their time making gifts for the residents of Birch Hill nursing home in order to make their holidays a little merrier. 

While both clubs delivered to the same place, each club had a different project. Culture Club did its first Adopt a Grandparent project, and NHS made homemade holiday cards for the residents. 

“The kids like to make cards because then they can make them in school. It is easier to get them together as a group and bring holiday cheer because they are busy this time of year as well,” stated NHS advisor Mrs. Sienna Eimmerman.

About twelve students who are a part of NHS got together to make the cards. They each made cards completely from scratch and personalized them with holiday pictures.

“They chose different scenes. Some made Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa, and then they decorated them. They wished them [the residents] Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and altogether Happy Holidays,” Mrs. Eimmerman explained. “There was around forty to fifty cards made.”

NHS also does many other service projects. In 2019 they hosted a food drive at Charlie’s County Market, and they plan to do several more projects in spring 2020. While NHS has been making holiday cards for two years, Culture Club tried something new this Christmas by ‘adopting a grandparent.’

Culture Club President senior Jadyn Peters explained Adopt a Grandparent by stating, “They gave us one grandpa, and we basically got him a few gifts. So we got him a little Christmas tree to decorate his room, Three Musketeers bars, chocolate chip cookies, fuzzy socks to make him feel comfortable and a blanket.”

Since this was the first year Culture Club has been involved with Birch Hill, they needed help finding a resident to ‘adopt’ for the holidays. Culture Club representatives contacted Birch Hill Activities Director Nicole Aguilar for help on finding the perfect resident.

“It only took a few days for us to set up. I already had the perfect grandparent in mind when the school had reached out to us,” stated Aguilar.

Some students get involved with service projects to fill their volunteer hours, but many participate for different reasons.

“In my opinion, Adopt a Grandpa was a good thing to get involved with because there are a lot of people in nursing homes that don’t have visitors or loved ones to spend the holidays with,” stated Peters.

2019-2020 Culture Club. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Reopelle.

Service projects are very important to most clubs at SCHS. In recent articles, the Hawks Post has covered service projects by Spanish Club, SAAD Club and more who do their part in bettering the community.

“I think it is always nice with the high schoolers, especially with the nursing home, to kind of just show that kids are still good. To show that they care about their community and the people in the community, and want to bring joy and happiness,” Mrs. Eimmerman expressed.