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Student Spotlight: Brandon Peters

Student spotlight this month at Shawano Community High School is senior  Brandon Peters. 

Peters believes in good grades and hard work, but he has many great hobbies. 

Peters stated, “I like sports and working out and farming. Farming is also my job, and I love it. I also like to bake as well. What I like about my hobbies is that they calm me down and take my mind off of whatever is stressing me out in a day.”

Everyone has a favorite class that they love at SCHS and can’t wait to have that part of the day. Peters favorite class is “Media Awareness because we get to look at different types of media and get to know key things about media. What the media is and the secrets it has in it. It is a really interesting class, and I would recommend it to anyone.” 

 A very popular subject in today’s pop-culture would be the topic of music. Everyone has a different taste in music that they prefer. 

 “I wish I would have played an instrument as a freshman, but I was too shy and stuff. I love music and my favorite kind is instrumental music a little more than  music with words,” Peters explained. 

As senior year comes to an end, students are becoming adults. The after high school shock becomes apparent to most students. Most people are looking for a career after high school ends, but Peters has an answer to this daunting question to what he’s going to do after high school.

Peters stated, “ I would like to be a welder after high school. The first time I welded it felt like it was for me.”

The Hawks Post staff wishes the best for Peters in his career.