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Swim team’s outstanding performance: Alumni night

by Karisa Komettor, reporter 

Swim Alumni Night was for the graduate students who swam for Shawano Community High School to come back and share their past experiences with the current team. The hope was to build a bond and to pass on experiences to those that are learning and growing in swim.

The event ran similar to a competition meet, but they kept the events limited to shorter distances. Many of the alumni are not currently swimming, so they would not be up for more strenuous events. The graduates became one team, and the current high school team is the opposing team. They raced all of the events and kept score to see who won at the end of the night.

Coach Jeff Easter has been a coach for five years and loves the team that he is working with. 

 “I first came on as a head coach five years ago when my son was a senior and planned to swim in his fourth year, but there was no one to be a coach. I stepped in to help and came to really enjoy doing it. I have continued even after my son graduated,” Coach Easter explained. 

Another reason to have this event was to have the feeling of togetherness and enjoyment to uphold traditions. 

“The feeling of tradition and the bond that is built or maintained between all of those that participate. One parent describes it as a ‘Swamily’, and that’s what I find impactful about the event,” Coach Easter said. 

Coach Easter likes when the team is having a good time at these events. 

“I really like how everyone just laughs and has a good time. While they want to win, they also know that it is really about the camaraderie and tradition,” Coach Easter replied. 

The team is full of great swimmers that have been focusing on making a great difference and to learn new things. 

  The Alumni team won the event with a score of 60 to 39.