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Face to “FACE” with Miss Evans

Miss Danielle Evans is one of the new teachers at Shawano Community High School. She is now in charge of teaching the students at SCHS in her Living on Your Own, Today’s Children, International Foods, Let’s Make a Meal and Assistant Childcare classes. Although teaching was not Miss Evans’ initial plan, she is glad that others encouraged her to pursue the career. 

“I went to school originally to be a pharmacist,” Miss Evans said. “Then after a long period of ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ I went back to my high school teachers, and they said, ‘Your whole life you said people told you to be a teacher.’ So I kind of followed what everyone was saying.” 

Like all careers, teaching has its good and bad days. On the good days, it is really rewarding for Miss Evans to see that all of her hard work paid off.  

“I like that I am teaching them something and not just spitting information at them,” Miss Evans’ explained is her favorite part of the job. “I think my least favorite thing is the cellphones. Trying to teach and make sure that people aren’t Snapchatting or texting, especially when it’s important information and they’re sitting there talking.”

Miss Evans sitting at her desk.

Not only is Miss Evans new to the district, she is also new to the Shawano community. She has had a great experience so far of fitting into the community.

“I like working in Shawano,” Miss Evans said. “I think there’s a big and diverse culture here that I didn’t get growing up or even at my college campus. I like learning about all of the different cultures. You guys have this big Homecoming day, which I didn’t get at my high school. It’s cool to see the differences.”  

The Shawano community is glad to have Miss Evans, and we wish her luck in years to come!