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Acceptances just keep coming

It is that time of year when acceptances are rolling in from colleges. Seniors at Shawano Community High School have worked hard the past four years to get into the college they wanted.

It is coming down to the last semester of their senior year, and the seniors are still trying to get themselves ready for the next couple of years ahead of them.

Senior Autumn Gull, who is attending Marquette University for Biomedical Sciences, commented, “I am taking a lot of stressful classes this year like AP Chemistry, NWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) Anatomy & Physiology, English Composition and Spanish Four. I am trying to keep my classes hard, so I am ready for college and not have an easy year.”

Every campus has unique qualities about them that can draw students to their college. This helped some of the seniors decide where they wanted to go.

Senior Kaitlyn Dobratz, who is attending UW-Stevens Point for Physical Therapy or Athletic Training, explained, “I like the people there because I know a lot of people going. Probably, the campus because I really like it.”

After the acceptances came in, the stress from applying to colleges let up a little bit from the shoulders of the seniors.

Gull said, “I was really excited and happy. All of high school was stressful thinking about what college you want to go to, so when you finally figure it out, it takes a lot of the stress away.”

Now that these seniors are accepted at the colleges they want to attend, they have to start thinking of what they want from the college. The first step to many of the seniors is finding a roommate who will be there for a whole year.

Dobratz explained, “I am currently looking for a roommate because I just started over the weekend, but I think that I might have a couple of potential ones!”

The Hawks Post would like to congratulate all of the seniors that were accepted so far!