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Destruction of art

Human body should be perceived as art

strong in growth, yet fragile in faith

human eyes devour the surface

taking in exteriors instead of aura

spit out if not definition of perfection


Daisies are commonly known beautiful

handled with care and admiration

an art God created for tranquility 

daisies manifest euphoria for all

not stripped of importance at first glance 


Similarities are undeniable 

but precautions of care differ significantly

daisies are picked in hope of love 

humans are cut down left to regrow alone

no care left for the ones imperfect and broken


In the end all want to be worthy 

but are unwilling to assist in others belonging 

fire is fed with malice

humans feel the heat of cruelness 

rage takes over and a log is added to continue flame

art is not intended to burn into ashes