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New to the library: A review of The Fate of Food

Hello readers! It has indeed been a minute since the last time I have graced the Hawks Post with a book review. This month, I read the book The Fate of Food by Amanda Little. This is the second non-fiction book that I picked up from the library, and I was excited to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the book as much as I had hoped. The Fate of Food was a sort-of shallow look into the way that food has, is, and will be produced. Little was so focused on the people in food supply that she missed the bar in covering the real issues that are affecting the food service today. Every time she went to a different farm or lab she spent more time talking about the personality and appearance of the person who greeted her than she spent explaining why she was there. 

I will admit that her predictions for the future were interesting, but I cannot get over how shallow the book was in general. I went into the book thinking that Little was going to dive deep into the food service industry and sustainability, but instead I got a shallow, sometimes pessimistic series of newspaper articles. That brings up my next point: the writing style. 

I  did not like the format and style of the book. Since Amanda Little is a journalist, I can understand how she is used to writing news style. What I cannot get past, however, is how she basically wrote a plethora of articles about different food sources, removed the headlines, and called them chapters. 

If you were going to look into a non-fiction book I would not recommend choosing this one. There are so many better, more interesting books that actually dive deep into the issues they advertise. I would honestly have to give this book 2 stars, and that’s a generous 2 stars. 

Make sure to check your email for Mrs. Hoffman’s New Books powerpoint. There are many good reads that have just landed in the library, and you should stop on in and check them out. Also, tune in next month for another book review.

Rating: 2/5 Stars