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A letter to the sibling I will be leaving behind

By the end of the year, I will be in a different state. I will be making new friends and experiencing life outside of Shawano. That doesn’t mean that I’m leaving everything behind. Especially you. So this is for you, little man.

Hey Georgie,

 I’m sure you may have heard by now, but I’m going to college. You guys actually just dropped me off. I left this letter on your desk because I don’t want to watch you read it. I would probably cry. I know you think now that I am away I might forget about you. I’m too busy with school and sports to think about you. But on my first day here, you’re all that’s on my mind. 

 For 13 years, I have watched you. I made sure that you got what you needed. I *tried* to help you with your homework. I drove you around. I told you to get off of your Xbox and go see the sunlight. I was and will always be there for you. But right now, I’m not *there.* I have seen you grow into the young man you are. I have seen your humongous heart around people. G, you are honestly the kindest person I know. However, I have a couple of things to ask you to do while I’m gone.

 First, I’m sure Mom is crying right now, so go check in on her and lay beside her. Secondly, open your blinds and windows. Seriously dude, it’s a dungeon in there. Now, this next one is pretty important. Watch where you are going. I don’t just mean watch where you are walking, (please do that, too. You’re a klutz.) but also stop and look at what you are doing. You are entering high school now, and I am not there to walk you through it. Keep a good head on your shoulders and make sure you stay true to yourself.  

Next, make sure everyone is okay. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but “toot.” If you haven’t noticed by now, I am the glue that holds this all together. Even though I’m not gone, I’m not going to know what’s all happening. Make sure Cabela gets out on a walk once in a while, otherwise she will get fat… again. Tell Rick to stop cleaning and sit down. Tell Mom to try cooking. She can only get better. Tell Dad to find different music besides the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  

 Finally, your main task. I want you to pick up your phone right now and Facetime me. Anytime you need me because I love you, squish. I miss you more than I could ever express with words. Try not to grow anymore, because I still want to think I can beat you up. Call me and tell me about your day, tell me about the crazy thing Mom did, tell me how Dad is sleeping on the couch and snoring so loud. Tell me that it’s quiet. Tell me that you miss running into my room and jumping on my bed. Tell me you miss coming into my room when I am playing the uke and stealing it from me to play the only song you know. Tell me that you miss me coming into your room at midnight and asking if you want to make a pizza. Tell me that you’re doing good, because that is all I want from you. I want you to be happy, George, because these last 13 years that is how you have made me feel every day. And please remember, that I am only a phone call away. 


I love you mostest,